We invest, firstly, in people.

The driving force behind the Davidoff Group’s continuous growth has always been, and will continue to be, an enterprising and highly talented group of people.

Leading by example
The Davidoff Group’s leadership comprises a tight-knit team of seasoned industry players with an exemplary track record in investment building and company transformation. At every level, from our HQ, and portfolio company leadership teams, right through to our call centers - you’ll find people characterized by professionalism, team spirit and a rigorous work ethic.

It's all about relationships
Sometimes, perhaps more than we care to remember, a deal pivots on our ability to garner the assistance of a vital partner within our network. Thus, investing in, and cultivating long-term relationships with our global network of trusted partners is vital.

This principle applies equally to the management teams at the helm of our portfolio companies. As a Group we invest prudently in creating the optimal conditions for our people to thrive, ensuring they have the backing, knowledge and resources to perform at their best, and deliver winning strategies. At the same time, we strive to sustain a culture based on integrity, mutual respect and goodwill.

We invest, firstly, in people.